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How To Pay For A Disney Mobile Order | Simply Explained

How to pay for a mobile order at Disney isn't as clearly described as you might expect to see!

There are multiple different ways to pay for a mobile order, but you aren't able to see how to do so, or what types of payments are accepted, until you've almost finished placing your order! 

Our Mobile Order Guide will explain just how to pay for a mobile order at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. 

Questions We'll Answer About How To Pay For A Disney Mobile Order:

  • What Forms of Payment Are Accepted?
  • What Forms of Payment Are Not Accepted?


What Forms of Payment Are Accepted?


The most common form of payment used for a Disney Mobile Order is going to be a credit or debit card. 

If you choose to pay with a credit or debit card you have two options in how you want to go about actually processing the payment. 

The first is by manually inputing the card details after you've chosen your order pickup time and what items you'd like to order. 

Disney Mobile Order Payment Options

On the Order Summary screen you'll be able to review your order as well as enter payment options. From here you'll be able to add your credit or debit card details to process the order and payment. 

The second option is by using a card saved to your Disney profile! 

You can add a credit card to your Disney profile at anytime by accessing the My Profile on the Walt Disney World or Disneyland mobile apps, or on a web browser after logging into your Disney account. 

Disney Mobile Order Summary Page

You can also save a card to your Disney profile during the mobile order checkout process for future use. 

Once a card is saved to your Disney profile you'll see the credit or debit card pop up as a payment option anytime you reach the Order Summary screen while mobile ordering. 

Having a card saved to your Disney profile is a quick and easy way to place orders without having to fumble around with your wallet while at the parks! 


Apple Pay is our favorite way to pay for a mobile order and is super easy to do. 

Apple Pay has been integrated right into the Disneyland and Walt Disney World mobile apps, so the process is seamless and often faster than paying with a credit card saved on the apps. 

Mobile Order Status Page

When reviewing your order on the Order Summary screen you'll see options to pay with a Disney Gift Card, Credit/Debit Card or Apple Pay. 

When you select Apple Pay you may think the app isn't working because you won't be prompted to process any payment or see anything change on your screen.

You'll actually need to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and press the Purchase button in order to initiate Apple Pay. 

Order Is Being Prepared Screen

After pressing the Purchase button you'll see the Apple Pay screen pop up prompting you to select a card (or use your default card).

Once the Apple Pay payment is processed you'll be taken to an order confirmation page which will tell you when your mobile order is ready for pickup. 


Disney gift cards are also accepted forms of mobile order payment! 

Gift cards can be treated just like credit/debit cards and the gift card number will be added as a payment method on the Order Summary screen. 

Disney Gift Card $100 : Target

Just a credit or debit card, the Disney gift card can also be added to your Disney account for easy access without the need to reenter the card number for each transaction.

If your gift card doesn't have enough money on it to cover the entire 

What Forms of Payment Are Not Accepted?


MagicBands cannot be used as a form of payment for mobile orders.

Despite being able to pay using a MagicBand for almost everything at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, you aren't able to link your MagicBand to a mobile order for payment.

You also won't be able to pay at pickup with a MagicBand as all orders are paid for in advance. 

Typically, your MagicBand is linked to a credit or debit card already saved on your Disney profile, so you can always just add that credit card to your mobile order to keep all your charges in one place. 


Despite being able to purchase tickets and hotel rooms with PayPal, you cannot use PayPal for mobile orders at Walt Disney World or Disneyland. 

Purchase Disney Hotel Room With PayPal


Cash is also not accepted as a form of payment for mobile orders.

Mobile orders are completely cash-less, so you won't be able to pay at the register when picking up your mobile order.

There also isn't an option to preload your Disney account with cash which is converted over to an e-credit. 

The best thing to do in these situations is use your cash to purchase a Disney gift card which you can then link to your Disney profile and use to pay for a mobile order!




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