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How to Dress For a Theme Park | Easily Explained

Dressing for a theme park incorrectly can severely affect your experience in a negative way.

Even worse, if you didn't bring a change of clothes, you'll be stuck in them all day (unless you buy clothes).

In this page, we will explain exactly how to dress for a theme park to have the best possible experience.

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What to Wear to a Theme Park

Most guests around the world visit theme parks during sunnier weather and warmer temperatures.

As a rule of thumb, guests will want to wear lightweight clothes that can dry up quickly (due to water rides or even sweat), while preparing their eyes and skin from the sun (sunglasses and sunblock), and ensuring that they have athletic shoes that are prepared to walk for several miles.

In fact, the average guest that visits Disney World walks 7-10 miles per day during their vacation. If you are wearing shoes that aren't designed to walk for long periods of times, your feet will hurt and chances are that your day will be cut short.


  • Hat

A hat isn't a must-have to wear to the park but it is definitely nice to have as it will shield your scalp from the sun, while giving you the comfort of not needing to fix your hair for every picture.

However, you'll want to remember to take off your hat for any roller coaster or ride that will pick up in speed. Trust us, losing your hat while going full speed on a roller coaster isn't a great feeling.



  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen/Sunblock

Especially if you're visiting California, Florida or Texas, these two are a must-have. 

Sunglasses will allow you to be able to see clearly throughout the entire day (or else you will be squinting the entire day), while sunscreen will protect your skin from the sun.

Upper Body

  • Athletic T-shirt
  • Tank top

In terms of clothing, the lighter the better. It can become hot quickly just by standing in the sun, and once you add in actually walking all-day, it gets very hot, very quickly.

The lighter the clothing, the less of a hassle it will be for you.

Lower Body

  • Athletic running/walking shorts
  • Khaki shorts

The one thing that you'll want to make sure that your shorts have are pockets. Some guests purchase shorts that don't have pockets and then have to carry their personal items all day.

When you have pockets with shorts, you can just store them in a locker before riding a ride, and put them back in your pocket afterwards. Very simple.


What to Walk Around With

  • Walking/running shoes

Have you ever worn heels to an event that you'd be walking a lot at and your feet began to hurt? Well I haven't, but my fiancé has, and trust me I heard all about it.

Don't make that mistake at a theme park! Wear the proper shoes as you'll be walking up to 10 miles per day.