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Elder Wand at Universal Studios | Wand Review & Deals

The Elder Wand is known to be one of the most powerful and legendary wands in the Harry Potter series.

If you've always been interested in this fabled wand, you can actually get your hands on it at Universal Studios in Orlando and Hollywood!

In this guide we'll review and breakdown all there is to know about the the Elder Wand at Universal Studios.

Questions We'll Answer About The Elder Wand:

  • Where To Buy The Elder Wand
  • How Much Does The Elder Wand Cost?
  • The Elder Wand Review
  • Elder Wand Discounts & Deals!

Where To Buy The Elder Wand

The Elder Wand can be purchased in multiple locations at Universal Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood as well as online. It's a relatively easy wand to find and we've list some of the best locations to purchase the Elder Wand below.

How Much Does The Elder Wand Cost?

The non-interactive version of the Elder Wand is $55.00 and the interactive version of the Elder Wand is $63.00.

Amazon has The Noble Edition of the Elder Wand currently available for $39.00. The Noble Edition is not interactive and comes from a different manufacturer than the wands at Universal Studios, but look almost identical.

Elder Wand Noble Edition

The Noble Edition Elder Wand

The Elder Wand Review

The Elder Wand is intricately crafted and weighted very nicely compared to other wands.

The wand has a great premium feel to it and anyone who is fan of this wand from the Harry Potter movies won't be disappointed. 

Some may not like the bulbous design features which has a sort of beehive feel, but this comes down to personal taste and we recommend seeing the wand in person if you're not too keen on the design from the photographs. 

Set of Wands From Universal Studios

Being that this one of the most powerful wands from the Harry Potter series we can't help to give it some extra bonus points as well.

It's one of our favorite character wands available at Universal Studios and we highly recommend adding it to your wand collection!

Elder Wand Discounts & Deals!

Discounts on wands can change throughout the year with deals easiest to come by during the slower times of year.

We've listed some recent discounts and deals on wands below, but we'd recommend double checking with a Universal Studios employee if there are any ongoing deals or offers when you visit 

  • Free regular wand with purchase of a $250 Universal gift card
  • 10% off for Universal Annual Passholders

As mentioned earlier in the article there are also a variety of wands available on Amazon that are authentic to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. These wands are typically cheaper, but not available with interactive features. 



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