Budget Dining at Disneyland Resort


Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure parks offer plenty of fun, entertainment and more importantly, food! There is a huge selection of various cuisines, sweets, drinks and snacks that can satisfy the entire family’s taste buds and cravings.

There are a lot of ways a person can attend the Disney theme parks on a budget, especially with food and drinks options. If visiting the theme parks on a budget or are money conscious, there are simple tricks and tips to follow:

  • Possess an Annual Pass for Disney theme parks.
  • Bringing outside food and beverages.
  • Set a budget aside ahead of visit for food and snacks.
  • Utilize Disney app to look at menu prices for different food spots.
  • Split/share food items and beverages with friends and family.
  • Don’t spend money on water!

Annual Pass Holders

Having an annual pass allows an attendee to save money on certain food and drink items. Price reductions vary based off of what annual pass a person may have. Some food and beverage establishments, at Disney theme parks, may forget to ask if a person possesses an annual pass so don’t be shy and speak up to get a discount. Also, annual pass discounts don’t work on alcoholic beverages.

Outside Food and Beverages

Both Disney theme parks allow outside food, snacks and beverages. Depending on how long a visit may be, it is always important to plan meals and snacks prior to attending the parks so attendees aren’t walking around craving every food item that they may encounter.

Set Money Aside

When travelling to Disney theme parks with friends, family or solo, it is crucial to set a budget aside for food and snacks just in case. It is important to plan ahead and set money aside for at least one meal and one snack item to make the Disney experience more enjoyable.

Utilize Disney App

Using the Disney theme park app is very beneficial! On the app there is an option to focus on “Dining” throughout the parks. A list of food places is provided, menu item prices and locations of each food and beverage establishment for Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure Park.

Split/share Food Items

Visiting the theme parks with friends and family is important and beneficial. This allows a person to try various food and beverage items while saving money. Splitting and sharing food allows multiple people, within the party, to try numerous food options by sharing the cost. Also, it ensures that there would be a “smorgasbord” of delicious sweets and treats because people may want different food items.


Don’t Spend Money on Water

Park attendees get confused and think that in order to satisfy their thirst, they have to purchase bottled water. They may think this because bottled water is sold EVERYWHERE throughout the Disney theme parks. If someone asks for a water cup at Disneyland or Disney’s California Adventure, it is ALWAYS going to be free.  So save money on other beverages or treats.

These tips and tricks are guaranteed to save a park attendee money when visiting Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure theme parks. It also allows the experience to be more pleasurable, exciting and magical!