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Does Six Flags Have a Water Park? | Easily Explained

There are dozens of different Six Flags parks in the United States, with some having water parks while others don't.

In this page, we will break down each Six Flags, and explain whether or not that Six Flags park has a water park.

    Which Six Flags Have a Water Park?

    8 Six Flags parks also have a water park, in the name of Hurricane Harbor or White Water. However, there are also 5 individual Six Flags water parks across the country.

    water park slides

    Six Flags Parks With a Water Park

    Below, we explain which Six Flags parks have both a 'regular' Six Flags park and a water park, as well as which Six Flags are just water parks.

    Park Water Park
    1. Six Flags Over Georgia Six Flags White Water
    2. Six Flags Great America Hurricane Harbor Chicago
    3. Six Flags Over Texas Hurricane Harbor Arlington
    4. Six Flags Magic Mountain Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles
    5. Six Flags Great Adventure Hurricane Harbor New Jersey
    6. Six Flags New England Hurricane Harbor New England
    7. Six Flags Frontier City Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma
    8. Six Flags America Hurricane Harbor

    For those considering a Six Flags Season Pass, you should know that admission to the water parks depends on which pass you purchase.

    Six Flags Parks That Are Only Water Parks

    The following Six Flags parks are strictly water parks but are still labeled as Six Flags parks.

    • Hurricane Harbor Splash Town
    • Hurricane Harbor Phoenix
    • Hurricane Harbor Concord - 25 minutes away from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
    • Hurricane Harbor Rockford - About 1 hour away from Six Flags Great America

    Which Six Flags Do Not Have a Water Park

    These are the Six Flags parks that do not have an actual full water park, as of the time of this writing.

     Six Flags Parks Without a Water Park
    1. Six Flags Darien Lake
    2. Six Flags Great Escape
    3. Six Flags Fiesta Texas
    4. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
    5. Six Flags St Louis


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