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Does AT&T Stadium Have Real Grass? | Easily Explained

AT&T stadium is one of the newest and most impressive stadiums in the world.

In this page, we will explain whether or not AT&T stadium has real grass, and if so, why they do, and how they do it.

Does AT&T Stadium Have Real Grass?

AT&T does not use real grass on their field, but rather Hellas Matrix Turf with a Helix Soft Top.

This turf is used for:

  • NFL games
  • NCAA Football games
  • International Soccer games (It will be a US venue for the 2026 FIFA World Cup)

at&t stadium

Why the Soft Top Convertible System?

The Soft Top convertible system has 26 interchangeable panels which allows the stadium field crews to install and remove a synthetic turf field in only 12 hours.

This allows the turf to remain protected when there are non-sporting events (such as concerts).

It also allows the stadium to maximize their revenue, by being able to have the flexibility to hold as many events as possible throughout the year.

Turf Fields vs Grass Fields

There has been a longstanding discussion in the NFL, on whether the players should play on turf fields or grass fields.

Many players who have voiced their support for grass fields over turf fields, citing higher injuries on turf fields.

However, some NFL owners such as Jerry Jones have been reluctant to switch to grass, citing lack of issues with turf.

Although grass fields are more favored by players, they're also more difficult to maintain throughout an entire season of use along with the different changes in weather.

As of the time of this writing, 14 out of 32 NFL teams use artificial turf.

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