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Do You Get Early Park Entry At The Disneyland Hotel? | Simply Explained

Early Park Entry is a new offering at the Disneyland Resort which replaces the previous early admission offering known as Extra Magic Hour. 

Being able to access Disneyland and California Adventure before anyone else sounds like a dream, so in this article we'll explain just how you can get Early Park Entry at the Disneyland Hotel!

Questions We'll Answer About Early Park Entry At The Disneyland Hotel:

  • What Is Early Park Entry?
  • Do You Get Early Park Entry At The Disneyland Hotel?
  • Is Early Park Entry Worth It?

 Disneyland Hotel entrance from Downtown Disney

What Is Early Park Entry?

Early Park Entry allows access to Disneyland and California Adventure 30 minutes before the park opening times listed on the Disneyland Resort parks calendar

Unlike Extra Magic Hour, which was the early admission program that existed prior to Early Park Entry, both parks are open early each day of the week (only one park each day was open early for Extra Magic Hour). 

During Early Park Entry select attractions are open at both Disneyland and California Adventure to enjoy at typically a greatly reduced wait time versus what you would see during normal park operating hours. 

While both theme parks will be open, you still need a valid park reservation to access Disneyland or California Adventure early.

This means you can only take advantage of Early Park Entry at one park each day as park hopping does not being until later in the afternoon.

Disneyland sign at the Disneyland Hotel pool area

Early Park Entry is included for guests staying at any of the three Disneyland Resort hotels: Pixar Pier Hotel, Disneyland Hotel and The Grand Californian. 

If you are staying at any of these three hotels then Early Park Entry is included for free during the duration of your stay, with your first day of access being your check-in day and last day being your check-out day. 

Early Park Entry is not available for purchase - the only way you can access Early Park Entry is by staying at the Disneyland Resort hotels. 

Ariel shot of Disneyland Hotel and pool area
Do You Get Early Park Entry At The Disneyland Hotel?

Yes! The Disneyland Hotel is one of the three hotels on Disneyland property that includes Early Park Entry. 

You are able to enjoy Early Park Entry beginning on the morning of your check-in up though the day you check-out. 

Please remember you still need to have a valid park ticket and park reservation to enjoy Early Park Entry.

Is Early Park Entry Worth It?

Early Park Entry is a fantastic perk that will help you potentially get on a few of the most popular rides at Disneyland and California Adventure with a drastically lower wait times than you would normally experience during normal park operating hours. 

The Disneyland Hotel, Pixar Pier and Grand Californian hotels are quite a bit more expensive than comparable hotels in the resort area.

While you can't put a price on convenience of being located right on Disneyland property as well as 30 extra minutes in the park before the general public, you do need to consider if the price premium of the Disneyland Resort hotels fits your budget. 

If you have some flexibility in your budget and don't mind paying a bit extra to stay at a hotel on Disneyland property then we think Early Park Entry is absolutely worth it!



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