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Ultimate Cookes Of Dublin Guide | Is It Worth Eating At?

Cookes of Dublin is a lesser-known quick-service restaurant at Disney Springs that often doesn't get the spotlight it deserves.

In this Cookes of Dublin Guide, we'll explain everything you should know about this restaurant plus answer if it's worth dining at!

Questions We'll Answer About Cookes of Dublin:

  • Does Cookes of Dublin Accept Reservations?
  • Is There A Dining Room?
  • Where Is Cookes of Dublin Located?
  • Is Cookes of Dublin The Same As Raglan Road?
  • Are Any Discounts Available?
  • What Are The Best Menu Items? 
  • Is Cookes of Dublin Worth It?


Does Cookes of Dublin Accept Reservations?

Cookes of Dublin does not accept reservations and is walk-up only on a first-come, first-served basis. Food is ordered at a counter and then delivered straight to your table.

Keep this in mind as Cookes of Dublin does often see a 10-20 minute wait to order your food and then another 5-10 minutes of food preparation time. 

Cookes of Dublin Dining Room

If you're looking to cut down on some of your wait time then online ordering is another alternative to consider. 

For a more formal dining experience where reservations are accepted, we recommend checking out Raglan Road which is connected to Cookes of Dublin and serves similar Irish cuisine.  

Is There A Dining Room?

Yes - Cookes of Dublin does have a dining room! 

The dining room area is quite small and a bit informal, but it is indoors and air-conditioned if you're looking to sit down and escape the Florida heat. 

Cookes of Dublin Menu

Outdoor seating is also available in the outdoor bar area where you'll find tables covered by large umbrellas. 

Seating in the indoor dining room is a bit limited though, so be prepared to walk to other areas of Disney Springs on occasion to find a table.

Where Is Cookes of Dublin Located?

Cookes of Dublin is located in "The Landing" which is centrally located smack in the middle of Disney Springs. 

To find Cookes of Dublin look for the very large "Springs Bottling Co" sign which is on top of the building home to Morimoto Asia. 

Cookes of Dublin Disney Springs Map

Follow the waterway across Morimoto Asia to Raglan Road, and right next door is Cookes of Dublin. If you pass Homecomin then you're heading the wrong way and just need to turn around and walk in the other direction to find Cookes of Dubin. 

Because Cookes of Dublin is a small location, it's quite easy to miss!

Is Cookes of Dublin The Same As Raglan Road?

While Cookes of Dublin and Raglan Road share some real estate and serve similar cuisine, the two dining locations are quite different. 

First and foremost, the menus are different but do share some menu items like Fish and Chips as well as burgers. Raglan Road's menu is much more expansive though while Cooke's of Dublin only serves only about eight menu items. 

Cookes of Dublin Order Number

Raglan Road also provides a more formal dining experience with table service, a full-alcohol bar, and a very well-themed Irish pub-style dining room. 

Cookes of Dublin is a walk-up counter service restaurant where your food is brought to your table, but you won't have a dedicated server. Cooke's of Dublin also has a much smaller dining room with little theming.

Are Any Discounts Available?

Annual pass holders can receive a 10% discount at Cookes of Dublin, but only Monday through Thursday. 

Discounts are not available on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. 

Occasionally discounts won't be available on holidays either no matter what day of the week they land on.

What Are The Best Menu Items? 

If you'll be dining at Cookes of Dublin then the Hog In A Box is a can't miss menu item.

Hog In A Box is a mixture of slow-roasted pork shoulder, baby potatoes, and stuffing topped with onions and caramelized onions. Apple sauce is also served on the side for dipping. 

Hog In A Box

Hog In A Box is one of our favorite quick-serve dishes not only at Cookes, but across Disney Springs as well. 

If you're looking for an Irish dish you might not always find at your local pub then the Hog In A Box is a great choice. You also can't go wrong with a more classic fish and chips at Cooke's either. 

There's also a children's menu available for some more affordable, smaller portioned items that kids will like including chicken tenders and burgers!

Is Cookes of Dublin Worth It?

Cookes of Dublin is an easy choice if you're looking for a quick bite to eat and is worth it. 

The food is tasty all around and everything is reasonably priced, mostly in-line with what you'll expect across Disney Springs for a quick-service restaurant. If you happen to qualify for a 10% discount as outlined earlier in this article then you'll find Cookes to be a bit cheaper than other Disney Springs dining locations. 

We find the food quality to be higher at Cookes of Dublin than comparable Disney Springs restaurants, so the value of eating at Cookes of Dublin is really great! 



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