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Is Comerica Park Cashless? | Easily Explained

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many businesses to shift how they operate in order to minimize contact.

In this page, we will explain the different type of payment options that the stadium offers, and whether or not Comerica Park takes cash.

Is Comerica Park Cashless?

Comerica Park does not accept cash as it has made a transition for guests to use cashless payment options. 

Does comerica park take Cash

The cashless policy applies for all events at this stadium.

Guests will be able to use debit/credit cards, and even mobile wallets such as:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay


To allow fans to quickly enter the stadium and get to their seats, rather than have to spend extra time exchanging cash, receiving change or having the staff count cash.

comerica park

If guests only have cash, they will be able to use a 'Cash-to-Card Kiosk' in the stadium to load their cash into a pre-paid card that they will be able to use at the park.

There are three Cash2Card kiosk locations within Comerica Park.

  • Concourse Section 121
  • Concourse Section 138
  • Concourse Section 328


The kiosk looks similarly to a traditional ATM machine, however you'll input your cash and receive a card with the inputted amount of cash on the card.

Minimum and Maximum Amount Allowed on the Card

Minimum: $1

Maximum: $500

How to Check the Balance of My Card

  • At the kiosk
  • Online at
  • Calling the phone number that's on the back of the card

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