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How Far is Cocoa Beach to Disney? | Easily Explained

In this page we will cover how far Cocoa Beach is to Disney, the best way to travel there, and about the Cocoa Beach itself.

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How Far is Cocoa Beach From Disney?

Cocoa Beach is 64.2 miles away from Walt Disney World via car. It will take guests a little bit over an hour (1 hour 5 minutes) to get to the theme park. Depending on what time of day that you are leaving, it may take more time. The best time to arrive to the beach is in the morning before the sun rises.

cocoa beach to disney

If you are from out of town, you should be aware that there are multiple tolls on the way from Cocoa Beach to Disney, and you should prepare accordingly. Luckily most of these tolls take cash, and it'd be wise to prepare at least $10 for them.

Shuttle From Cocoa Beach to Disney

If you decide not to use a rental car or a ride sharing service during your trip, there is a 24 hour shuttle service called the Cocoa Beach Shuttle Company.

They can service 1 person to 13+ people, but you will have to make a reservation ahead of time. Prices vary depending on how many guests are riding the shuttle.

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About Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is in Brevard County, also known for being the Space Coast. This beach offers a boardwalk that stretches for over 800 feet, shops, restaurants, and bars.

The beach itself is beautiful, has famous surf breaks, and is very close to the Kennedy Space Center. This family-friendly fun beach town is specifically perfect for those who enjoy being in the water and surfing.

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