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Club 33 Bathroom | What's The Big Deal?

Club 33 is one of the most exclusive places in the world, but what's even more exclusive is its bathroom!

That's right... the Club 33 bathroom is notorious for getting people in trouble, but also iconic for its design and features which takes bathroom decor to a whole new level.

In this Club 33 Guide, we'll dive into what's so special about the Club 33 bathroom, as well as share some photos from inside!

Questions We'll Answer About The Club 33 Bathroom:

  • What's The Big Deal With The Club 33 Bathroom?
  • Club 33 Bathroom Pictures

Club 33 Entrance

What's The Big Deal With The Club 33 Bathroom?

The Club 33 Bathroom is notorious for it's unique design, but also the fact that it has cost many Club 33 members their membership.

In fact, not too long ago, actress Rebel Wilson was banned from Club 33 for 30 days after sharing a picture of the club's bathroom

Because of the bathroom's unique design, Disneyland implemented a very strict policy against taking photos of the bathroom, which is in addition to an existing policy limits where you can take photos at Club 33.

Club 33 Walkway

However, the bathroom is specifically called out as a place that no photos are allowed. While it makes sense to not allow photos when other guests are in the bathroom, Disney's policy states there are no photos allowed in or of the bathroom at any time. 

Now what makes the design of this bathroom so special?

A very fancy, Victorian-style toilet and a full size chaise lounge chair! The Club 33 bathroom can practically double as a relaxing lounge itself!

Courtyard of Angels Entrance

The toilet actually looks like a normal chair when the seat is down (pictures below in the next section) and has a design that you aren't going to find in nearly any other bathroom in the world. 

Separately, Disney also has the no photos in the bathroom policy to prevent any mirror selfies.

The policy has been in place since before mirror selfies became so popular, but now it's just another way Disneyland prevents more photos of Club 33 from circulating online.